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Welcome to Teams!

This site has been created to provide ACORD, its members and others (such as AUGIE), a central location where we can Communicate, Collaborate and Coordinate amongst and within the various groups listed. Whether you’re participating in one of the ACORD standards committees or working groups, or even a broader industry-based group like AUGIE, should be your source for discussions, documents, and information on upcoming groups-specific meetings or events. To see information on which groups are located in Teams, please visit the ACORD Working Groups  summary located on the ACORD Website.


The ACORD Teams are actively moderated by ACORD. All posts are reviewed by ACORD prior to being released to Team members. Inappropriate postings will result in a follow-up from ACORD concerning the problem content. Content will not be edited by ACORD.

ACORD, acting on behalf of its Board of Directors, takes anti-trust concerns very seriously.  The same rules that apply to face-to-face meetings apply to electronic group settings as well. Various local, national, and international laws restrict the exchange of information among competitors regarding matters pertaining to pricing, refusal to deal, market division, tying relationships, and other topics which might infringe upon antitrust regulations or lead to an abuse of the standards setting process. No such exchange or discussion will be permitted during this meeting.

"Inappropriate" is defined as any material not directly related to the purpose of the particular Team, or material in violation of anti-trust. ACORD believes the Teams area should be used exclusively for the purposes of facilitating specific ACORD initiatives.  As such, messages that deviate from this purpose will not be posted and the sender will be notified of the non-posting and the reason for it. While we appreciate the benefit of open and frank discussions concerning all aspects of our industry, these discussions should take place in the forum established for each topic, allowing each Team to focus on the purpose for which it was established.

Contact ACORD if you have any questions ( Thank you.